The Situation on Equusia

The beautiful and highly desirable panet Equusia
The beautiful and highly desirable panet Equusia

Back in 2011 Meek Mantis paid a visit to his great friend and soul brother Magoogoo, who lives on Equusia. Upon his return he had the following story to tell earthlings about.

In a galaxy far away, there exists a star called Equusis, and within its system, a planet named Equusia where a sentient species, known as the Asinorans, reside. 

Typical Asinoran
Typical Asinoran

Except for a small group of Asinorans, the great majority knows nothing of other star systems and neighboring races. The Asinorans believe they are alone in the universe. 

Asinorans in general, are sweet and loving in their early years of life; but quickly lose those qualities as they age, while retaining their childlike naiveté throughout their lifespan. The body of an Asinoran resembles that of a donkey, and the intelligence level of their majority is not far above that of said donkey.

Typical Crocovian
Typical Crocovian

But lo and behold, in a neighboring star system called Reptilax, on the planet Reptilon, there lives a shrewd, technologically advanced race whose bodies resemble that of an upright, you guessed, reptile. They are the Crocovians.


The Crocovians who, in contrast to Asinorans, do travel around the galactic neighborhood and do business with other races, saw the potential of Equusia and its mineral, biological and asinine labor resources, and thus began their machinations to exploit and enslave the unsuspecting Asinorans.

In short, the Crocovians cunningly infiltrate the Asinorans’ civilization without their knowledge and begin, among other programs, a program of depopulation, for the simple reason that they don’t need that many Asinorans to obtain what they want. On the contrary, having so many of them drains the planet’s resources, poses a threat to power, and is a pain in the ass to manage (no asinine pun intended). So, the Crocovians’ calculating and heartless logic is that many Asinorans have to be eliminated, and many new ones are not to be born.

At the same time, the Crocovians need a certain number of docile Asinorans to do asinine work for them and extract the planet’s resources, at least until their Hypnosynth Artificial Intelligence machines are ready to take over most of the work.

Typical Greedillian Asinoran
Greedillian Asinoran

So, a small but powerful group of Asinorans who are partial to the Crocovians, and equally heartless and calculating, betray their own species and establish a partnership with the Crocovians to initiate programs of population management, and desensitization, pacification and mental reprogramming of the survivors. All done in total obscurity. The great majority of Asinorans are oblivious to this. Asinorans lack the eyes to see. And most lack the brains to process this information even it is rubbed on their asinine noses.

That is the dire situation on Equusia. Asinorans are in deep trouble, but do not know. Except a few…


Magoogoo, Meek Mantis’ wise and inquisitive Asinoran friend, who has a knack for reading in between the lines and connecting dots, while strolling by a grapevine, heard whispers of the Crocovians’ presence on Equusia and their intent to commit genocide under their own noses in a way that nobody except the most astute and intuitive creature would notice. (Star Wars material but rated R.)

“What an absurd idea! That is not possible!” exclaimed some of his Asinoran friends.

Meek Mantis however, found the whole thing quite plausible. It reminded him, in some ways, of Cristopher Columbus here on Earth…

Back to Magoogoo and his anguished state…

Well, Magoogoo, decided to consult an oracle to clarify the matter. For oracles can see behind the curtain, while Asinorans, as you know, can hardly see past the carrot hanging in front of their snouts.

The Oracle Horagoo
The Oracle Horagoo

Oracles belong to another sentient species on Equusia, their bodies resembling that of a crow. Like here on earth, they exist for the purpose of informing those who do not know. They fly throughout all planets in the Equusis system, then return and draw doodles on the sand. Then they begin to sing about their visions for anybody who can hear to hear.

So, Magoogoo went straight to the most curious and nosiest of all oracles, Horagoo, and asked:

“Is there a group of Asinorans and Crocovians who are trying to reduce the population of Equusia? If so, why and how are they planning to do it?”

Horagoo listened carefully, and flew away among the planets. Upon his return, as is customary, he drew one of the most amazing doodles on the sea shore sand. A poem made in heaven…

Horagoo then sang his message to all those who can hear to hear:

There is indeed small but powerful group of Asinorians engaged in reducing the number of Asinorians on Equusia, and they will be successful. They are known as the Greedilians, by the few Asinorians who can feel their presence, for they cannot be seen with normal eyes.

This macabre enterprise is made possible by a collaboration between the Greedilians and a small delegation of Crocovians living on and around Equusia, known as Crocasshols.

Their next method to advance their agenda of depopulation, will be the creation and release of a bio-engineered virus into the unsuspecting population, who will believe the widespread infection to be a natural occurrence, and will go on carrying their burdens as asses must do, without questioning, until, of course, they die. However, sooner rather than later, thanks to Crocasshols.

Soon, after that, a program of vaccination against what they will call Frankenvirus 29 will be offered, in order to advance the same agenda, but in a subtler and more long term way. The Asinorians, will exalt and beg for the vaccine and will not only take it but will ask for more.

Asinorians are weak, gullible, blinded, and trapped by this scheme.

In this partnership made in the depths of Plutobunda (the Equusia equivalent of Earth’s hell), Crocasshols supply high technology to the Greedilians, who can then become richer and more powerful, and live healthier and longer, and in exchange, the Greedilians give their permission and all necessary assistance, including law and its enforcement, and asinine labor, for Crocasshols to extract the resources they are interested in from Equusia.

Meek Mantis recommends rereading this story until it is understood. On the other hand, ignorance is bliss, and Meek Mantis does not wish to be a spoilsport, so maybe don't...

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Greedilian-Crocovian Hybrid
Greedilian-Crocovian Hybrid