The Camel

Praying is good
Praying is good
Meek Mantis thinks...

Praying is good.

We want good things, so go ahead and ask for help. From God, from a saint, Our Lady, angels, spirit guides, gods, Allah, I don’t know…

The number of people who you can ask for help… people who are not physical, who are there in the astral world, or even above, is large.

So, choose one you like. Use their picture, a photograph, a drawing, any image. Or just imagine it in the mind.

Or, do like some religions, the deity has no face at all. You do the meditation based only on some geometric figure, or based on nothing at all.

So pray for whoever you want, and with the name of whatever god. It’s cool.

The only problem is not tying the camel…

If you do not tie your camel and it runs away, and you pray for its recovery, you may well get your camel back. 

But if you do not pay attention to your own negligence you have not gained anything substantial. In fact, chances are you will lose your camel again.

Meek Mantis recommends looking up, with feet on the ground...