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  Only You book cover

Under the pen name "Narayan", I wrote seventy poems depicting facets of human nature and spiritual search, with their pains and delights; as well as the dissolution of the search, into the peace and joy that is our natural state of being.

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“Felipe’s poems spring directly from the depths of the heart. Each one is a beautiful flower that carries the sweet perfume of light and love. His eloquent words point to that wordless clarity and joy that shine within the heart. These are not just poems — they are revelations of your own true self.”

— John Wheeler, author of “Right Here, Right Now”

“Evocative of Rumi and Hafiz, yet wholly original and contemporary, Felipe Oliveira’s poems can be read and reread, and each occasion will bring a smile of reminiscence, a poignant tear of remembered pain, or a lightning bolt of recognition: what I am longing for, I already am.”

— From the foreword





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