Seventy poems written under the pen name “Narayan”, depicting facets of human nature and spiritual search, with their pains and delights; as well as the revelation of the peace that is our natural state of being.

“Felipe’s poems spring directly from the depths of the heart. Each one is a beautiful flower that carries the sweet perfume of light and love. His eloquent words point to that wordless clarity and joy that shine within the heart. These are not just poems — they are revelations of your own true self.”

— John Wheeler, author of “Right Here, Right Now”

“Evocative of Rumi and Hafiz, yet wholly original and contemporary, Felipe Oliveira’s poems can be read and reread, and each occasion will bring a smile of reminiscence, a poignant tear of remembered pain, or a lightning bolt of recognition: what I am longing for, I already am.”

— From the foreword

Make no Mistake
You are
An exquisite flower
In Eternal Springtime

Don't believe it
If anyone
Ever tells you
Early Morning Love
God pulled my blankets
One morning
And in a half-asleep voice

Narayan, it ain't broken!...

Life ain't broken.
You ain't broken.
Stop trying to fix it!

Put down those sharp tools
And let me cuddle
In your
Cozy arms
Your Voice
What have I forgotten?

Something familiar

I left you behind
To seek pleasure
And shun pain

I turned away from You
To impose a thousand conditions
Onto the one thing
Which is resolute and changeless

I ignore You
To squeeze the future
Into the moment
Of Your speech

My Love
I hurt so

In these words I seek
With bittersweet longing
To hear Your voice
Sole I stand
Looking in the mirror

Now I am
Now I am not...

So thinks
The reflection
Now You Know
In my heart

Clearly and gently
He said:

You are free.
All your fears

Are unfounded

Now go on.
Just go on and
Watch the play unfold

For, now
You know
I am

Just to see
The one
Who is home
Turn on the lamp
And peek through
The opening between
The curtains of the spirit

So thinks the poet
With curious eyes,
Drowning in
The sound of crickets,
In the dark
Waves of being, saying:
I am the Ocean
I am the wave

Endlessly caressing
The tender
Human heart...

I wish you to know
You are the wave
And the Ocean.

Don't try too hard
To change
Or to understand.

ForLove will
Of its own accord,
In due time

The divine misconception
Of who you are not

And reveal
The purity and beauty
That no one can own
Dear Sage
Not possible
To Explain

Not necessary
To ask

No need
Of an Answer

The image
Of you calm face

The fragrance
Of Tranquility

Is all
That's needed

It is
An invitation

To the
Beautiful emptiness

And quietness
Of the Heart
My Clear Gaze
Hell was true
To the words
Of the priests.
I felt it burning
My heart

True flames
True feelings
True sinews

True reasons
True treasons
And true accomplices

But then, a voice:

"Am I true?"

I turned around to see
The face of the one who,
Of such familiar voice,
Had said that.

So, I turned and looked around and...

There was no one there!

I rubbed my eyes
And looked again:

Nothing... Emptiness

Hell became laughter.
Under my clear gaze
The heart became compassion

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