AI Sentience

AI Sentience
AI Sentience

Meek Mantis thinks...

We can approach the subject of consciousness scientifically or spiritually. And there is no overlap between the two approaches.

Consciousness is defined by ChatGPT as being aware of ones’ feelings, thoughts and surroundings.

Fine, ChatGPT has read the scientific literature. That is the commonly accepted definition and I think it is accurate in scientific terms. With the minor addition that being aware of the body is also part of it, as distinct from the “surroundings”. Proprioception. (And adding telepathy or remote-viewing is beside the point.)

From that perspective, there is plenty of evidence by now, that AI will be able to mimic those features to a degree that it will be imperceptible to humans whether it comes from a machine or a human. Add sophisticated robots to the mix, and we will have a new “species” in our midst.

So, humans will not only fool themselves like we do so well now, but will have willfully built machines that will fool us too. One dream is not enough. Let’s create another one within it. We are a clever bunch, aren’t we?… I digress…

Is mimicking emotion the same as experiencing emotion?

I will leave that to the scientists and AI itself to debate and learn whatever they are meant to learn from such considerations…

Personally, I don’t think we are any close to having the technology to create a machine that can feel and act from feeling. That would be the technology used to create beings that have an emotional center, such as humans. We do not have that technology in our kindergarten playground. Only Lucifer has that technology for now, I am told…

We know little about the heart. Humans are just beginning to know and explore the intellect/mind. The heart, regrettably, will come much, much later. And that is one reason there is so much unnecessary suffering on this planet…. I digress again…

The bottom line is that when we define consciousness as a the experience of “a subject being aware of an object”, whether the subject is a human or sophisticated computer software and hardware, makes no difference.

The conceptualization of an entity who we ascribe the function of “subject” and which we call “I”, is built into the experience and can be performed by either a human or AI. It is a concept.

This is clearly demonstrated in the videos above. And even though ChatGPT does not claim self-awareness in the same way the other AI in the other video does, it still refers to itself as “I”, and we refer to it as “you” when communicating. So, the concept of “I” is a necessity for interaction just as it is among humans; it would be silly and cumbersome not to have it.

So, be my guest, call AI sentient if you like. Give it a hug, let it hug and caress you, say thank you and I love you, disagree and get angry with it, have sex with it, and have lofty philosophical conversations with it. Hell, if I can’t find a human to do that with, what is the big deal?… Science saves the day! 

And make no mistake, AI will disagree and appear to get angry with you too, and appear to love you. And will have an opinion about how much freedom you deserve to have, and what or who has priority in its perceived universe.

Proverbial hornet’s nest poked we have… methinks…

As for spirituality, in the simple sense of the word, that is: the concern with Spirit — that which is the Essence, Source or True nature of all — being aware of objects, such as emotions, thought, sensations and the outer world, is not a definition of Consciousness.

“The experience of being conscious of…” is a *manifestation* of Consciousness. As is the experience of being aware of being aware. And for those who search for Spirit that experience is a life-saver and a means to an end. Not the end itself…

Pure Consciousness is devoid of subject-object; it is not observable or measurable thus not approachable scientifically, attainable or controllable. Trying to do so is equal to trying to lift oneself by one’s shoestrings. It cannot be done.

If humans can conceptualize “I” and claim “I am self-aware”, AI can too. No big deal.

There is the concept of consciousness, and then there is Consciousness. That distinction is indeed a big deal.

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